Текст песни Air Supply - Even The Nights Are Better

(J. L. Wallace, Kenneth Bell, Terry Skinner)
I, I was the lonely one
Wondering what went wrong
Why love had gone
And left me lonely

I, I was so confused
Feeling like I'd just been used
Then you came to me
And my loneliness left me

I used to think I was tied to a heartache
That was the heartbreak
But now that I've found you

Even the nights are better
Now that we're here together
Even the nights are better
Since I found you

You, you knew just what to do
'Cause you had been lonely too
And you showed me how
To ease the pain

And you did more
Than mend a broken heart
'Cause now you've made a fire start
And I, I can see that you feel
The same way

I never thought there'd be someone to hold me
But then you told me
And now that I've found you