Текст песни FOREST OF SOULS - Watcher 's Line

s down with its presence announces the start of a new day. Aldrian we are
both here on the road of aventures that my father used to narrate to me.
But that my son is up to you to choose to follow me as I did formely on the
long and ancient tracks of western regions further than the ancestral forest
of whispers the ones related in the old tales that women used to sing before
the venue of the crawling and insinuating shadow.
Our march is slow but careful, facing numerousand cancealed dangers.
At last the black mountain of Erdak unveals where evil in its darkest shape
is kept prisoner. You can see the entrance waiting for you in its silence.
Now it 's up to you to make your way.
There you will find the guardian who in fact is your grand father. I replace
the latter to carry out the task I have accepted. you will be alone amongst
those silent rocks looking out for evil.
With your strengh and wisdom you will answer that role.
-You have to see this monstruosity on your own to be prepared