Текст песни MEKONG DELTA - Confession Of Madness

Mekong Delta, J. Jenkins

Where do we go? Wake up people!
We're on a deadrace. There is no time!
How can you believe in or trust it?
This system's proofed that it's absurd
Setting signs
he tried to wake them up,
open up their eyes.
But they don't listened
They were all too busy.
Facing just the end of the day.
Never thought of tomorrow.
Yes, I know. More you'll ever will
Maybe I scare you. I reflect what scared me
Why do you all baffle my warning?
You'd better let this in your life!
for he'd disturbed their dreams,
distorting his speech
Being here on his own,
with that vision he had seen
Yes, I know (he must be) out of mind