Текст песни NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Nightmares

"Who would believe someone thoought mad!"

I have been trapped
Inside these four walls
There is no future for
Those in this place
My cries for mercy
Fall on deaf ears

Padded walls locked indoors
No way out
Going mad, I must scream
Am I sane
Thoughts are hazed
Out of phase
Mind is gone
Need to run, from this place
Can't scape

Can't you believe
That I'm not mad
It's been a nightmare
It's all a mistake
I don't belong
Locked in this place
You've got me wrong

It's late at night
The guards are asleep
I open the door by
Stealing the key
Run from the light
Where madness stays
Now I've escaped

Run if you can,
Escape if you dare
Flee for your life
Away from the light