Текст песни VIRGIN STEELE - I Dress In Black (Woman With No Shadows)

(Music and lyrics: De Feis)
I dress in black babe,
Nobody sees me
I move undercover of night
You best believe me
I want your lovin'
Don't bring me pain
With a lie upon your lips
I taste your shame

When you see me comin'
Up and down your street
Get ready

I know your secrets
I know your crime
Under desert, desert moons
I take my time
One kiss of fire
My heart explodes
With the darker signs of love
My mourning clothes

When you see me coming
Up and down your streets
Get ready
Get ready babe
When you see me coming
Up and down your street
Get ready for love, child
Ready for love
Do you know what that means?

Woman with no shadow
With your golden eyes of love
Child, warm my soul
Woman with no shadow
I want you!

Ah, ah, Lord have mercy
Oh, my poor soul
She's naked, holy light
She's the fire down below
But the flowers now are wasted
In the gardens of my soul

Woman love me sweetly
Tender child, learn
Nature is a temple
Angels burn!

Woman with no shadow
Are you old enough to love, child?