Текст песни VIRGIN STEELE - Trail Of Tears

(Music: De Feis/Pursino, lyrics: De Feis)
Ask and you won't be forgiven
This is a blessing in disguise
All of your choices are spoken
You've killed the child in my eyes
I'm gonna see you burn

When in some dark distant future
you'll meet my presence in a song
You'll punch the walls in frustration
Can you hear my voice and say I'm wrong?
I'm gonna see you burn

With the first light I touch your skin
rise above the challenge, the day begins
and the brightnessss runs to black
fading in the darkness I'm not coming back

Here we live and here now we die
on this mountainside
arms entwined, the chosen the brave
fire wind to take you away like the wrath of God

Ask and you won't be forgiven