Текст песни VIRGIN STEELE - Crown Of Glory

Bury me beside the endless sea, raise ashes to the wind
Remember things I conquered in my time, quench my funeral
pyre with wine
Open your eyes and see me, running faster, running far
Open your heart and feel me, catch the light beyond the stars
Flesh and blood affirm the freedoms gain,
Are we born to live again?

I'll never die while the light races over my head,
I can see where we are
I will defy no respite from the challenge of war,
Crown of Glory Unscarred
Gaze at the sun unblinking, go where only eagles dare
Strike now while life is in you,
before the darkness eats your soul
Touch me now and feel your strength return,
speak the word within the word

I'll never die while the light races over my head,
I cansee where we are
Why must you cry for the life you are leaving behind,
Crown of Glory Unscarred
What was forbidden now is open,
the Golden Apples of the Sun
All that's alive consider Holy, Holy, Holy,
Body and Soul are reconciled
And Heaven and Hell remember their love,
and every road leads me to you
To Truth

I'm watching you now, I'm watching the signs,
I watch as the old false reason dies,
I see with new sight the infinite night,