Текст песни WHAM! - Freedom

Everyday I hear a different story...
People saying that you're no good for me...
";Saw your lover with another and she's making a fool of you...";

If you loved me baby you'd deny it;
But you laugh and tell me I should try it...
Tell me I'm a baby...and I don't understand...

But you know that I'll forgive you,
Just this once...twice...forever,
'Cause baby, you could drag me to hell and back,
Just as long as we're together.
And you do....

I don't want your freedom...
I don't want to play around...
I don't want nobody baby,
Part time love just brings me down.
I don't want your freedom,
Girl, all I want right now is you.

Like a prisoner who has his own key
But I can't escape until you love me
i just go from day to day knowing all about the other boys
You take my hand and tell me I'm a fool to give you all that I do
I bet you someday baby someone says the same to you