Текст песни OZOMATLI - O Le Le

I'm comin for ya, I’m in the cut, creepin?up, now I’m on ya
it goes to the break of dawn, and it just don’t stop,
lyric fist fights brothers we don’t need no glocks
It goes peace, if you come to see me rebel
2nafish will come ready like I was Edie Brickell
I'm everlasting, never will my head expand
this publisher is clearing house like I was Ed McMahan
I’ll getcha open like a bullet wound come test the repertoire
and I’ll connect a right cross to your upper jaw
I’m on my toes, all my foes beware
cuz 2nafish will tackle flows like I’m Rosie Greer
I’m hear to tell you the response is choice
comin to smother the brother with the monster voice