Текст песни C-Block - We Believe

C-BLOCK - We Believe

Hook, Misty:
Today, let us live our lives
Reachin out to those in need of a hand
Let us try to understand what they believe
Just try to remember that we are all the same
It's time to pull together, and turn another page
We believe, that we can make it happen
We believe, it's time to make a change
We believe!

Rap1, Red Dogg:
I believe, I believe
If we try, you and I can raise the hell up
Out this ghetto fantacy and touch the sky
Eel me on that stroll with
Down the lane let me poke you till
You get my point simple and plain
We wasted too much time
Stood at the bridge to long
Now it's time for us to cross it
And get the hell un home
Homie, keep ya eyes open,
And scope it for the truth
The life begins within the
education of the ghetto youth
here's my proof, young thugz run around
throw they sets in the sky
but they heads be down
we need to take the to the tippy top of the hill
ake the devil out their soul
rejuvenate their will and I be real
about the way that I be feelin
It's to many kids dying
It's to much killin
And ain't but one thing left for me to say
It's time for us to find another way


Rap 2,Goldie:
This a shot for those don't got some
people have a little some people have a lot
only few are succesful the multitudes I think not!
Can you lend a helpin hand to another brother
Try help those in life that have to suffer
You don't have to be on high, be in the middle
Just dig in your pockets real deep just give a little
One doesn't have to try
They just need to do it
There's really nothing to it
Go head and dry a weepin eye
Cause poverty why, it bothers me
All the kids in the world you know
A boy a girl livin life in the pits
of a bottomless barrel cold world
but this is so livin life in the getto
we you don't got no food
and you don't got no clothes
Who said this is the way life's supposed to go
You could end up like this once could never know


Today, right this minute
There is someone out there
Reachin for your help
Please take the time out to lend a hand
You don't need money, fame
Or even a song to do it
You just need to believe that
you can make a differenceTake a look deeper inside yourself
You'll find that life is something
Worth living
We must find out a way
to change today

Hook 'til end