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(6:45)(Music: Romeo, Pinnela/Lyrics: Miller)
Just one more night
One more score
Another question in my mind,
can't take no more

Kissing the tears form my face as
they fall
To the ground in silence
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in twilight and faded time
Spirits cold, with no love
Bells ring a lonely chime
Candle fires
These lit dreams can't burn alone

Winds of change bring songs
upon my memory
An empty heart and soul
intoxicates me
my final destiny
Not knowing what,
what tomorrow will bring

From within the mirrors eyes
I'm forced to run away and hide
I feel those mystic eyes subside
And leave my blind
Through passages in time
A prisoner locked beind the door
Lonely roses slowly wither and die

I can't escape this captive misery
Heart stone cold, under supremacy
Thrown into a raging sea of tyranny

Lifes vile walls have tangled me in threads
Eternally caught in my futures threads
Play the violent strings of my symphony


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