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The journey begins with curiosity
And envolves into soul-felt questins
On the stones that we walk
And chose to make our path
Sometimes never knowing
Other times knowing too much

Filtering out the bad that holds us back...
Take hold of what is true to your hunger
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A hunger that will not go away
Plans for tomorrow, they will remain

Won't you join me on the perennial quest
Reaching into the dark, retrieving light
Search for answers on the perennial quest
Where dreams are followed, and time is a test

No time for mental crutches
I will take it raw and be on may way

Those that stood beside me
I'm glad you understand
Behind these written words
I share the simple plan
To hang on to the way that we feel

Solo: koelble / solo: schuldinger

From rivers of sorrow
To oceans deep with hope
I have travelled them
Now, there is no turning back
The limit, the sky
I ask my questions why ? what today ?breed
Where com thosertom rital c
Whemawat how it's done ?

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