Текст песни DARK TRANQUILLITY - Therein


Gentle storm / thundering silence
Inferior force / uncontrolled calm
Vital unlike / logic/chaos/logic

The tone of which his birth ascend
The beat that of a heart descend
Repeating in the infinite
An insight made it clear
Order stormed the surface
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Where chaos set norm
Had there always been balance?
... surely not
Therein lies the beauty

It was solid
Yet everchanging
It was different
Yet the same
So i starve myself for energy
The song around his soul will bend
The notes that in this hole will melt
Crawl out of science
A dreamland if you dear
Disorder clawed the boundaries

We're ordered to stand clear
Was it always different
... never the same?
Therein lies the beauty

It was solid ... [see above]

As there were no witnesses
There was nothing to be told
As nothing could be grasped
The story could unfold
Superimposed on the elemtens of anger
/ fear / anxiety / hate / despair / remorse

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