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In every man there's good and bad.Madness lurks in every brain.Do you know what's deep in your head. Are you a genius or insane. Sometimes the borders deep in you just fall. General's gone mad in Vietnam. Became a god a lonely one.Once a soldier of great fame he was. Now killing seems all the same in wars. Sometimes the other side breaks through the wall. You do your duty, just don't ask why.Kill him with a cold heart, he's damned to die. The river leads you all the way, you never stop. You fight to live another day, can't ever stop.

We're fighting for freedom.We're fighting for peace.We're serving our country.We're fighting for god.

You feel the madness, the jungle breeds. It all seems useless, heroic deeds. Madness creeps into your deepst core, and in your soul.

In the heart of darkness. I see the fire in the eastern sky. In the heart of darkness.Soldiers fighting for a lie.

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Man, you're crazy, believe me, you're not god. Who's to say so, ain't we, all the same.Man, you slaughter, it's useless, what's your game. All is useless, was games, it seems insane. I observed a snail creeping on the edge of a razor blade. That's my dream, that is my nightmare. To creep on the edge of the razor blade and survive. You did your duty, the general is dead. But you paid a high price, your min's gone mad. Somehow the general had his way, a point of no retun. The memories haunt you ni ght and day, in your soul the burn.

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