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The Reaper called around at midnight. Baby
He had some bad news for you
A final warning - The cards you're playing - Are turning back on you
Your living in a high speed world so crazy
Burning out of mental fuel
The ball of fortune is getting cloudy - You gotta see it through
You push it up - You pull it down, keep dragging it round and round
Don't let it crush ya, or grind you down - Stop falling to the ground
Just keep rolling, controlling - Exploding that Heavy Load
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Tarot Woman - My destiny - Who controls Heaven knows
Rolling, controlling, Smashing that Heavy Load
Fire Woman - Give me the key - To ride that burning road
The taker of your soul got it for free
Now he's selling it back to you
But you've got nothing that he needs - Your world he turns for you
The knives at pointing at you from all directions
Those cheating ways were born to lose
Still you keep running in guilty shoes - It's time you faced the truth
Keep pushing up - Keep pulling down, keep on dragging it round and round

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