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Weep for autumn skies shrouded in misty air.
Weep for thy solemn dearth,
and for thy chill despair.

Ashes you leave:
as you ascend from me.
Your face, the furnace of my soul,
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the endless lies that we told,
clear blue waters in which we bathe,
the yesterdays we failed to save.
Still I see,
and we cannot be.
Ashes you leave,
as you ascend from me.

The leaves that fell unto our graves,
the [tree(sounds like tree, but 'tears' is more likely)] that filled my eyes,
tomorrow's yesterdays is stone engaved.

Still I see,
we cannot be.

Repeat Chorus
The black living life,
living into fears of pain,
Around my shelter,
I try to fill up,
clouds that touch the ground.

It was alive,
stone in those eyes,
I'm tasting that [why/way] too much,
and now [we sit/the sin] whose side I live,
hold her in the [b(lack].

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