Текст песни CRIMSON MOON - The Withering Rose Of Purity

Into the Moonless night I spit forth the venom of thy spell.
A curse unto thy Adversary whose essence, shall wither away.
... and so shall the Rose of Purity, wither.

I am the freezing touch that takes life away,
I am the one whose soul is unclean.
A master of dreams, awakened to the night
I haunt the Astral and reap the mortal life

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Through the moonlight's mist
I come to your soul
and beseech you with the kiss
of bitterness and woe.

Below the depths I dwell,
in lust for the crimson sin.
As the rose purity turns to ash,
I remember the taste of blood in my mouth.

Veiled by the Night
I enter your soul,
which withers from purity I defile
I am the dreams of lust and desire,
a demon of sins of the flesh.
Cold as the Winter's breath, Internal as the forbidden wine.
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