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Words: Karyn Music: Afzaal, Gia Arrangement: Roy, Karyn, Afzaal, Gia

(on beaches of bone the siren sings. and you cover your ears,
but it's the song you used to sing. there's no escaping as you are pulled into the sea...)
and he said, i'm gonna sail my ship away from this shore. can't feel my soul within
me anymore. so he followed a song he heard within his heart. it was bound for
disaster right from the start. (he's gonna get it) after just one day into his journey
he was well off course-gave in to the easy way out. then he came to his senses,
towed in a line of regret. but it was too late- he was caught in her net.
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(he's gonna get it) (woe is me. well, i asked for it. this is what i deserve. well, i asked for it...)
wait till we get outta here, he yelled to the captain. then we'll get our freedom back.
i'm trapped in the stare, he said. i've gotta get my soul back.
(woe is me.well, i asked for it. this is what i deserve) i can't take my eyes off of her.
if i can't have her no one can,because i'm the man. (woe is me.well, i asked for it.
this is what i deserve) i'm gonna wring your neck, gonna wring your neck i'm gonna

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