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... a song about a relationship that never really had a chance....

if we die, it?s gods will
we can?t do nothing about destiny
nothing left but
rising light wakes us up with a kiss

when the dogs of war haunt our emotions on sunday
midnights?bell is our
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stalingrad on the bay, scatterd souls apart

ask me about eternal feelings
a sinful masquerade
furious slaughter
in our souls, I?ll seal it with death

Someday, somehow I?ll satisfy your needs
Try to stop it
How could Iask for more, if I had a choice
We live together, we influence each other and react
But always and under all circumstances we are lonesome
Each point we reach is a point of no return
Like martyrs walk hand in hand into the arena
All of them will die
Lovers in embrace to join their own exstacy in proper

I?ve tried so hard not to care
But you are still there
Morning I can?t await

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