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(part I: To Dream)
The sun is setting now
This summery bathe in moonlight
Veiled like starlit plateau of Leng
Now as the pour approaches
And the wind has breathed the last mementos
Of winter, nether streams awake vaporous
And summernight is vested

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These paths are abandoned
Only moon dancing on the bordering stones
Like arms twisted by pain
The top of the firs create a shelter to old river
And the mist is filled with silvery column

Now the sixth fullmoon is on the increase
and the cromlech awakes
Here, the hidden point in horizon
and I lay myself to rest...

(part II: Through the Cavern of Flame)

To the cavern of fire
Where the seven hundred steps
lead to Enchanted Wood

I pass

The open is desolate
Wind as only wanderer...
Hay sways like moonlit sea
and the torn answers
The strange game of colours begins
and the stars sheen rhythm
Kadath opened,
The feast of silhouettes

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