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Waiting for another death
Every hour I'm trying
Machines keep my brains alive
Taking away my rest

I, I've lived a life
Full of hate, love and sorrow
Why won't they let me die
Let nature go its way
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Doctor trying to please my mind
"Your life is saved by science"
The only thing that's right for me
is death

Lord, stop this torture, stop this life, I'm in pain
Your son had to suffer only three days at the cross
If your existence is real, please help me out
Give me the right pass away from this life
What is this, money has no value anymore to me
I've worked so hard to earn a living for my wife
Smash my head, suck my blood, destroy my brain
Break my skull, stop my breathing, stop my pain.

Saved by science
Saved by science

Overkill, my soul has lost its life
Carried away by tongs of Satan's son
Hallucinate, the sun will cry
Like doctor said, it's no longer matter of time

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