Текст песни DEATHRIDER - Burn Victim


Spirits toiling in flames, buring men to cinders
Conscience of the torment to arise
Turning life in to black burned masses
Death for me stands close beside
Watch the flesh drip from their bones
Hear their dying screams rise high above the flames
Burn victim, flames tearing right through you
A price this race must pay
Pass the corpse to the next in line
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The dead are now stiff and hard
The touch of dead flesh turns the insides
Their fate's have drawn a final card
Black smoke rising from a sickening pyre
The spread of lime can't hide the smell
The peircing screams of a million souls
In pain will linger... And dwell

KILL, KILL, they chant, KILL, KILL
A worlds domination is at hand
A rising voice throughout the land
KILL, KILL, they chant, KILL, KILL
The twisted masses hail to the Fuhrer
KILL, KILL, they chant, KILL, KILL

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