Текст песни DECEMBER MOON - Twinned With Destiny


Here are your needs, it's time to fulfill
I ring the bells, I'm removing your will
The answers in the hand, but the question still remains,
My eyes are upon you, my presence fills the air...

In perfect time with earthy pulse,
We dance the plains together as one
Forever entwined in opulent dreams,
We continue life's onward journey.
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Ageing with glory to wither with beauty,
Obsessions of lust succumb to yearnings of death,
The light of the August sun...
Fades to a December Moon...

The veil of desire has bound us by our souls,
Blinded us with it's light.
Yesterday then tomorrow,
The tragic past always slippin' away,
A withering rose, a symbol of what once was

Here are your needs, it's time to fulfill

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