Текст песни DEMOLITION - Line Of Fire


Through The Fields Of Misery
Your Head Falls Into Mud
Broken Bodies Fill Your Way
You Feel The Sand So Hot
Crawling Scorpions Beside Your Sweating Face
You Can'T See Anything
Don'T Think What Will Be Tomorrow
Don'T Think What The Future Brings

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The War Is Your Believe
Your Rage Is Gettin' Higher
Take Your Final Breath
Into The Line Of Fire

Assaulting Enemies Is Your Command
Explosions In The Sky
Devastation In The Desert
Never Ending Cries
Air Raids Across The Land
War And Hunger Everywhere
The End Is Getting Near

The War Is.....

God Of Wrath Watching You From Above
Laughing At Your Pain
Sleepless Nights In The Gutter
Driving You Insane

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