Текст песни DEMOLITION HAMMER - Carnivorous Obsession


Ritual sacrifice, dreadful visages
Slain to consume, archaic butchery
Carnivorous obsession for flesh

Warfare contrived
To devour enemies
Fundamental lust fueled by blood
Abhorrent practice, savagery
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Violent effigy, obscene unmerciful

Fresh bodies strung by their limbs
Inverted corpses punctured
Drainage of the blood
Corpulent victims stripped of skin
Tortured and blistered remnant of mortality

Gorge, ingested human feast

Infinite crania and jaw
Splashed and encrusted, fetid
Massive rack of skulls
Vast scale of slaughtered carcasses
Barbaric cannibals reveling in flesh

Cull marrow from split bone
Maul, englut raw viscera

Manducate a choking mess
Of victimized carnage
Cauldron distills a boiling human broth
Carnivorous obsession for flesh

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