Текст песни DETERIOROT - Manifested Apparitions Of Unholy Spirits


Subconscious thoughts of unholiness recurring consciously.
The hauntings and depravations of the Christ of blasphemy
Beyond the gates for in which you lie, to redeem
your sins of life.
Angelic chants of their suffering, bleeding tears
of unholy light

Nordic winds in the mystic light, screams of bestial cries.
Down the path leads to the dark, Disparities in demise
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Summoning of the baphomet, enchanted world entwined
Abolishment of the Son of God – Damnation

See the grave of the holy man
Deceived us, disgraced, now perish
Believe in your foolish saint.
Pray to the unborn child, desecrate the womb
The son, this Jesus, your lord, your faith in a mortal man
Disgrace the beliefs of this feeble world

Spoke unto thus thy man
Join the circle
The downfall of the Christian savior

Damned to all feeble followers of Christ mortal soul agonized in pain
In the abyss awaits your soul to suffer eternally

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