Текст песни DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE - Astray Within The Coffinwood Mill


In Dreams and Visions I Saw the Beast Rise again
In Chasms and Voids of Doom the Circle of Pandemonium
I Stole the Sacred Nimbus of the Kingly Dead
Glittering Treasures will Haunt Me Forever Now

The Thirteen Words of Spell I Breathe
Witchcraft and Sorcery
Iґve Forseen all the Fallen Stars
Wizardry and Destiny
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Sleeping in the Eyes of Earth
Sending Dwarfs Back to Birth
Sleeping Entities of Stone
Down the Dragoncaves Iґll Roam

Demonized - Exorcized - Decapitated - Resurrected

(Voice:)"...The Kingly Dead will Haunt You Forever Now
Glittering Treasures are not to Steal...They are Sacred..."

Battling for My Immortal Desire

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