Текст песни DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES - Wages Of Sin


The Wages Of Sin

They Force Feed You Love, Then Serve You Hate
What Are They Teaching? I Just Can't Relate
Altar Boys Are The Victims He Defiled
He Took Advantage Of The Virgin Child
Got Them Drunk And Told Them What To Do
He Won't Say It, But You Know It's True
There's A Reason Why He Remains Free
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Hides Behind The Cloak Of The Clergy

He Was A Man, They Were Just Boys
Human Beings, Not Just Toys
A God Who'd Allow Such Atrocity
Ain't No Good God To Me
No Redemption For What He Did
Crimes Committed On A Little Kid
What Do You Say? Don't Wait For A Sign
Trust In God And Have Peace Of Mind
He Took Something, He Can't Give It Back
Took That Innocence, Can't Give That Back

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