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Music by : Sahlgren, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : K?rki

Through the ages from the dawn of man
We always searched for deity
Forming legends and twisted beliefs
Paranoia and selfdeceit

Sell your soul to the highest bidder
Fooled by stories of life beyond
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Losing grip of reality
You are living in a dream

Beyond good and evil
Is where you find the way
Salvation and saviour
To your miserable lives

Sycophants awaiting judgement day
Watching the skies for the third coming
Let them rot it will never happen

Lost in madness and insecurity
Devour the flesh of your saviour
Drink the blood and slowly fade away
Now you are truly astray

Beyond good and evil
Two sides of the same coin
Enslavement and damnation
Deny man's sickest creation

Lead: Blomqvist
Lead: Sahlgren

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