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One more time, just one too many times
is all it had to take now we can't resist the world's too full
its time to bring it back and turn this shit around
it's the last rebellion, we are gonna take the rich
and hang em up so fucking high its justified genocide
raised in greed they swallow up our lives in a carnivore feast
hard-core traumatized
they promise but they never fucking give
this world, tied down, gang raped, disgraced
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corporation-nations start the game
persist, exploit, rip-off, defame
put one against the other till they're dead
beat them, face down, make them, eat shit
burn the fucking "global village" down
riot, the government's in flames
, the corpses pile high on the White House lawn
dead, another million dead, let's execute and kill
justified with force-fed freedom
walls of propaganda, a system built on lies
we procreate! our over-dominating force is crushing all within its way
watch the world as it burns, class war- now its our turn
I just watch their fucking shit-it burns so high and wastes away
now we have the means-through total war we are redeemed

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