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(Music And Lyrics: R. Medina)
Cry...into the wind
Vivd warning time to take heed
They soon await for
A systematic regime
One world! One card!
Flashes on my T.V. screen
Security success, shines on a pedestal
Swallowed in by our peers,
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Destructive atmosphere

We've all come short/
Make the choice
Who will you serve?/
Save your soul

Lead: JG

Purchase so easily,
Right through your screen
One chip! One scan!
Trapped souls back to the beast
Computer technology,
Recognize numbers fed to them
Futuristic unconsciousness,
Monetary resource grip
Collected power thruogh bankruptcy
Beheaded by corporate guillotine

Financial slave/How could you know?
Trick from hell/There's no choice

Need not to justify/
Hopes and dreams which you rely
A better place still yet to see
Don't take the mark, don't be deceived


lead: DF

Grind into your skin,
Laser technology,
Don't look back,
The time is here for you
Tribulation imminent,
The Prophecies will unfold
When they come to brand the mark,
Forget not the holy son

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