Текст песни GOD DETHRONED - The Somberness Of Winter


Searching the Northern passage to the Indies
And yes we found the northern passage.
The northern passage to hell
This world it turned into ice
The sun has set for the months to come
A landscape in the twilight zone
The somberness of winter
I walk between pools of frozen blood
It's 1896 my voyage has stranded before the gates of hell
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Doom is in my eyes
Our ships is stuck in the ice
I don't know where we are
and I don't know where we'll go
Travelling. Endlessly. Like in a labyrinth
The forst is hardening my breath
The dark gaps in the ice reflect the thoughts of my wrecked mind
The only company I have is the skeleton that never leaves my side
Did we reach the ninth ring of hell?
There where the traitors freeze

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