Текст песни MEMENTO MORI - Little Anne's Not An Angel


ittle Anne was not an angel
she was not even close
spread her legs for any stranger
little anne didn't care for much.

Little Anne was not a nice girl
did it al for a thrill
just think she'll go all the way
little Anne had no back up trade
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(I'm not a bad girl).

Deep in her mind a vision of fortune
but sin after sin, won't bring her to heaven
she closes her eyes; don't think of tomorrow
the life she despise; the tension just follows.

Little Anne's not an angel
she's lost, forever gone
took the path of least resistance

Little Anne's not among us
she went to meet her saviour
no heavenly feast awaits her
Little Anne had no behavior.

Will she ever guess the way?
She's to be free; oh Little Anne.
Little Anne's not freezing
though the season is turning colder

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