Текст песни MEREDITH BROOKS - I Need


I need some good luck
I need a best friend
I need a rough dog
I need a mountain
I need some new clothes a TV, a cause
a trip to nirvana, the thrill of applause
I need a wet kiss
I need to confess
I need a vision, religion, the right to be silent
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and then to be heard
a week on an island
a diet that works

I need a dose of the Bible
another course of survival
just talking 'bout the essentials
to make me feel alive

that's all I need
that's all I need
see how easy I am

I need some money, more money and more time
a strong cup of coffee
a haircut, a lifeline
a stranger to trust me
my father to love me
Seattle, a sunburn, and lots of Todd Rundgren
I need a guitar
to do it on all fours
Cool friends, weekends and someone to die for

When I'm alone on my couch
Nothing can settle me down
I'm adding on to my list
It makes me feel alive
that's all I need
see how easy I am to please
that's all I need
see how easy I am I am I am

yeah that's all I need

I need a guru

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