Текст песни NASTY SAVAGE - Indulgence


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Forbidded fruits are the sweetest
Your true messiah
Is frightened by shadows
As he tries to unwind
Whispering wins
Irresistable illusions
A coin in the well is a wish
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Serve and suffer, scorn for scorn
Things could be a lot worse
When you think your down regressions
Take a look around
Razorblade maze
Shelter from your pain
There's a cyclone in your mind
It's throbbing it's the end of the lie
But here and now
Life is a great indulgence
But this is our time of joy
solo - Dave , Ben
Before the wild wind's whistling lash
The startled storm cloud reared on high
Singing songs to please myself
All at once things seemed to small
Your griet and mine must interwine

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