Текст песни NOVEMBER DOOM - Last God


Please take this away,
I never wanted this pain.
Why have you left me here all alone?
I will always cry for you.
Catching the fallen tears from my eyes,
dreaming of life with you,
all is lost tonight.
This pain is killing me,
there's nothing that I can do.
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The visions of your face,
Makes my stomach sick.
You were stripped from me,
when my back was turned.
I should have been there for you,
It should be me that's gone.
I can't let you win,
I just won't walk away.
It's time I see the end, and leave this gift
behind. You're no friend to me,
So you step beyond my grasp,
escape this last God's fate. (her)
In chambers light, you pine over me and I can only look upon you and smile.
I wish the pain would disappear.
A frigid breath on the back of your neck,
a soft glowing voice that you always hear.
I'm sorry for the pain,

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