Текст песни WISHBONE ASH - Come In From The Rain


I had troubles aplenty,
My pockets were empty
From livin' out on the sidewalk.
Footsteps takin' me nowhere,
But where can you go when you don't know
What it is you're lookin' for?

Just as I was a desperate man
You made the sun start to shine,
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You said,";Baby, come in from the rain";.

You could see down the stitches and patches
That were holdin' me together,
So with stolen faces, hand in hand,
We made footsteps together for musicland.

Used to be I had troubles aplenty,
My pockets were empty, yeah,
From the bad life on the back streets.
Where can you go and what can you do
When you don't know what you're lookin' for?

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