Текст песни VONDA SHEPARD - The Man With The Bag


The Man With the Bag
written by Dudley A. Brooks, Hal Stanley, and Irving Taylor

Oh Mr. Kringle, is soon gonna jingle,
(OLD, not Oh)

The bells that'll tinkle all your troubles away
(tingle, not tinkle)

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Everybody's waitin' for the man with the bag,
'Cause christmas is comin' again.

He's got a sleighfull, that's not gonna stay-full
(Sleighful, not sleighfull)

He's got stuff to drop at every stop on the way
of the way, not on the way

Everybody's waitin' for the man with the bag,
(Christmas, not christmas)

He'll be here,
With the answers to the prayers that you made through the year
(Answer, not answers)

You'll get yours
If you've done everything you should, extra-special good.

He'll make this December, the one you'll remember,
The best and the merriest you ever did have

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