Текст песни TAYLOR DAYNE - Prove Your Love


(Seth Swirsky, Arnie Roman)

Prove your love
Got to prove your love
I hear all about what you can do
But I got to know
Is it true
Your telling me to trust
What should I believe
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You promised so much
But talk is cheap
You tell me that you're serious
But I gotta know for sure
You say how much you want me
But I've heard it all before

(Prove your love, Gotta prove your love
If you want to be with me tonite
Show your stuff , Cause words are not enough

Boy I can feel a love is on the rise
A message revealed in your eyes
You know I can't wait
To know your passion
It's not to late
So take some action
Can you say that when you're through
I'll know what love is all about
Well, baby I've been patient, now
I'm ready to find out

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