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Black people dont have no, no where to go
you know, all we got to do is kick it
we gonna kick it in our hood, you know
what we gonna do, we might
we might go kill a couple of niggaz mane
you know, go in they hood and do a drive-by
then come back in the hood and laugh about that stuff
you know, its just a thing
only how you really gonna get deep into it
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is when one of your homeys die
just like when my partnaz died
(we got some problems)

First we pray, then we ride
First we pray, then we ride

He was my brother
loved him like no other
I introduced him to this game
I knew his mother
loved her like my mother
part of me is gone
bout take my brother home

(what're ya gonna do)
when the trials come
(are ya gonna run?)
are you gonna run?
(what're ya gonna do)
first I'm gonna pray
(are ya gonna run?)
you muthafuckin right

First we pray, then we ride
First we pray, then we ride

I aint got nuthin but love for you loccs and hogs
and I ain't got nuthin but love for my muthafuckin dogs
in the mist of the war zone, its on on site
daylight tonight the heat held close and tight
beware here I come with the DPG on my chest
heat gonna spit like Elliot Ness
in the darkest zone you feel alone and on your own
and after I bust, niggaz call me Kurupt Coleone
all I'm about is money, loot and cash
homeys in the DPG Nate, Snoop and Daz
now with these emotions how you approach yourself
knowin you all about your wealth and as it is to health
first I pray, get my thoughts intact
ask for forgiveness cuz I'm bout to lay this nigga flat
can you adapt, can you feel me, I doubt it
cuz the closest you see it, is when niggaz write about it
I can't live without it and it ain't shit I could do
but stay down with the homeys in grey and blue

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