Текст песни NEIL DIAMOND - Desiree


Written by: Neil Diamond

It was the third of June
On that summer's day
Well I became a man
At the hands of a girl
Almost twice my age
And she came to me
Just like a morning sun
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And it wasn't so much
Her words as such
As the way they were sung
It was the way they were sung

Oh, Desiree
There I was found
By the sweet passion sound
Of your loving song
Remember, Desiree
Oh, Desiree
Somehow I knew
I could only have you
'Til the morning light
If only for that single night
Sweet Desiree, you make it right

Then came the fourth of June
On that sleepless night
Well I tossed and I turned
While the thought of her burned
Up and down my mind
For she was there and gone
Without one regret
But she continues on
Like the words of a song
I could not forget

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