Текст песни NEIL DIAMOND - The Drifter


Written by: Neil Diamond

Well, I am the drifter
I walk the highways
I cross the river
That rolls on forgotten

I sing for the living
Live for the trying
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But what's it about
If you got to be trying alone

And I'm the dreamer
Who climbed the mountain
Who saw forever
Across the ocean

But you found me waiting
And knew that I would
I kept on trying alone

They call me the drifter
And I walk the highways
I crossed every river
That rolled on forgotten

I'd sing for the living
But inside was dying
'Cause what's it about
If you got to be trying alone

Well, I'm the drifter
Who solved the answer
And when I found you
I knew for ever
Would be for ever
And not for some time
And you'd be mine
Won't have to be trying alone

Now I sing like a dreamer
And I walk like I'm flying
I looked in your eyes
There was no use denying
You cared for that moment
And I knew the answer
I came for a while
And I stayed for the rest of my life
I came for a while

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