Текст песни Eric Clapton - I'VE GOT A ROCK 'N' ROLL HEART

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by Troy Seals, Eddie Setser and Steve Diamond

I've got a feeling we could be serious, girl;
Right at this moment, I could promise you the world.
Before we go crazy, before we explode,
There's something 'bout me, baby, you got to know, you got to know.

I get off on 57 Chevys;
I get off on screaming guitar.
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Like the way it hits me every time it hits me.
I've got a rock and roll, I've got a rock and roll heart.

Feels like we're falling into the arms of the night,
So if you're not ready, don't be holdin' me so tight.
I guess there's nothing left for me to explain;
Here's what you're gettin' and I don't want to change, I don't want to change.


All you got to do is lay it down and you lay it down good.


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