Текст песни REBA MCENTIRE - Face To Face


(david malloy, gary burr)

Oh you don't have blue eyes.
I expected blue eyes.
That's how i pictured you would be.

And you don't have long hair.
I thought you'd have long hair.
So this is all a shock to me.
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I didn't know if you would meet me.
Or believe me. when i said that i was fooled.
I really thought that i would hate you.
I know i meant to.
There'd only be one of us left when we're through.

Now that we're face to face.
And i put myself in your place.
Really to blame.
And i won't play his game. or try to get even.
He'll know he's lost watching us leaving.
I blamed you, but i see my mistakes. now that we're face to face.

I believe in true love something to be sure of.
Isn't that what we deserve.
There's no blame here, we both end up the
Same here. a little wiser than we were.
There was a time this would have killed me. and it may still be.
Hard to look you in the eye.
And now that all the spells are broken.
The truth's been spoken.
My heart has the strength to tell him goodbye.

Repeat chorus

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