Текст песни REBA MCENTIRE - Cathy's Clown


(don everly)

I want your loving more and more
I want your kisses that's for sure
I die each time
I hear the sound
They're saying here he comes
He's cathy's clown
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You know you've got to stand tall
You know a man can't crawl
And when you let her tell you lies
And you let em pass you by
You're not a man at all

She don't want your loving anymore
She don't want your kisses that's for sure
Why do you let them put you down

When you see me shed a tear
Then you know that i'm sincere
I just think it's kinda sad
That she's treating you so bad
And i'm the one who cares

Repeat chorus

You're cathy's clown
You're cathy's clown

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