Текст песни REBA MCENTIRE - Climb That Mountain High


(don schlitz/reba mcentire)

Red sun a-rising, over the hill
I've had enough of this desert to last from now until
I'm tired of living day-to-day and hand-to-mouth
This could be the day i finally find my way out

I'm gonna climb that mountain high
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I'm gonna see what's on the other side
I'm gonna kiss this town good-bye
I'm gonna climb that mountain

How i arrived here, heaven only knows
Seems more like the kind of place the devil would've chose
To spend my life here, is more than i can do
I know somewhere down the road my dream will come true

Repeat chorus
If i stay here forever
What will i have to show
But if i make it over
Then everyone will know
I'm gonna climb that mountain high

Repeat chorus

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