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I'm watching you looking
As you move in to kill
Expect me to start running
But I am standing still

That you own all you have
The fashion distraction
You still can't see
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Here I stand
Completely ignored
I watch you willing
To see me scorned

The darkness uncovers
All of the pain and lies
The shining is coming
From all that you deny
Have at me
I still refuse to pass
Debating the hating
You still can't see

I don't know why you feel this way
The pain you're breeding
You sneer and turn to walk away
While I am bleeding

Confused and naked
The curtain is torn
You stand there waiting
To see me scorned

You die when I close my eyes
I can't see when you're blinding me
It's gotta get much better than this
Fits much better with a blinding fist
Get sent back when I'm under attack
Smack right down, make you feel my frown
It doesn't matter if you let me be
It doesn't matter 'cause you still can't see me

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