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[narrator] - "a long time ago in an era almost forgotten by the gods, there were two kingdoms: claymored, famous for its sharp-edged tools and fhalkior, specialized in shields and armors. they were feared and envied by their enemies because of their power.one day when the two kingdoms were celebrating an alliance of great proportions, without any motive, the sky turned black and brought an unbelievable fear never felt before by those people. a cold darkness took the place of the daylight and from the sky terrible winged creatures of incredible size and demoniac forces came down to earth. an endless massacre was spread out on the two kingdoms, and the armies had no chance, nor time to take care of the wounded and survivors. they protected themselves in a castle that was still standing up. the claymored castle served as shelter for the people of the two kingdoms. inside the ruined castle, the king of claymored, theodoric, swore revenge with a fury that would scare the devil himself. but his army was not enough for such battle. theodoric had to search for help in a friend nation, akronis, situated five thousand miles from claymored. their armies alone were not enough for such journey. so, there was only one possible solution, create one single nation, one single kingdom, based on the proud of its people, on the honor of its dead soldiers and on the fury of its king. this is the way that our fantastic journey starts... this is how starts the throne of the alliance..."

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