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Where is this new miracle?

Where is the christ our lord?

I have heard a manger is where he lies

Born of the holy word

Where is the baby saviour?

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I will bow down to him, for my hearts rule is christ the king

And I give my life to him, I give my life to him

Have you seen our redeemer?

Come on this christmas day

For the son of God has been born as man

Have you begun the journey

To offer praise to him?

There is love and peace for every man

If we reach out and touch his hand, if we reach out and touch his hand

There is joy, born of the light

There is hope, that now has life

Have you heard of the new miracle?

Come to our word today

There is light upon us from heavn above

And angels to guide our way

I claim thee as my saviour I praise you as christ the lord

And my one prayer is that all my life

I walk a path to your door I walk a path to your door.

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