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Sexy Eyes, theyre so lovely,

Sexy Eyes Make me wanna love ya

Sexy Eyes,

Girl youre lookin way cool tonight Oohh

Da da da da da,

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Ya know I got the cognac,

Da da da da da,

And the phat bomb sack

Da da da da da,

Your sexy eyes got me hypnotized,

Shorty do you know the time

All I wanna do is vibe

Put you on the suga rise

Smilin wit your pearly whites

Sexy eyes

Sexy waist

Sexy each and every day

When I put this thang up on ya

Sexy mama wanna merry maid

But hold up now, we just met

Let me see how long you keep it wet

Hold it steady, already,

Baby girl we done did dat

Its like a stair way to paradise

When I look into your eyes,

Mama very nice

And we can do all type of thangs

Rollin in them whips and I like to swang

You know its ??

Your sexy eyes are so spiritual

[Chorus x1]

The steelo so kamikaze

Shrinin like Liberachy

Spendin like Burberry

Me ESeemiagy

Its goin down like gravity

Yo baby daddy mad at me

And I throw these things so handley

Cop me an assault and battery

She still wanna love me like a playboy bunny

Lookin like warm hunny

So classy and stunny

Faithfully, she waits for me

Like the real ones really do

So gracefully shes made for me

And you know thats on the cool

Girl get your shine on like candle in the wind

Gotta keep my mind strong

When Im hammer in the fin

And one look is all it took

Incredible thighs

And one look is all it took

Incredible eyes

[Chorus x1]


Time dont wait for love

And life dont wait for a break in the weather

Its time for me and you to hook up

Lets get this thing together

[Chorus x2]

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